Writing Teacher Program

If you teach writing, English, or composition, I’d love for you to have a free copy of Writing Assignments!

I’ll send you an eBook version – either the PDF or ePub – your choice. All you have to do is email pub@firsttodaypress.com from your school’s email system. I’m looking for “.edu” as evidence that you’re a teacher. If you don’t have a .edu address, contact me with your information and I’ll consider your claim.

Use your copy of Writing Assignments, see if it helps stimulate and inspire your students. And please let me know what works and what doesn’t. If you come up with new assignments and I use them in the next version of Writing Assignments, you’ll get both credit and a free copies for your classroom!

Please note: your free copy of Writing Assignments should not be copied or distributed. It’s intended as a gift for teachers. If you’d like to use Writing Assignments in your class or for you school please contact me for education discount pricing, including site licensing.