Writing Assignments

by RTM on May 2, 2011

Special Offer – Discount on Writing Assignments!

For a limited time you can purchase the paperback version for $10 (regularly $19.99) or the PDF or ePub eBook version for $5.00 (regularly $9.99).  Click here to buy your copy now!

Writing Assignments is also  available for the Amazon Kindle!

Writing Assignments is based up on the popular weekly feature on First Today, Then Tomorrow.The book includes many favorites published on that site as well as many new ones.

From the back cover:

Baseball players practice hitting and pitching. Musicians do scales. Golfers work on their swing. What do writers do to improve their skills? They do Writing Assignments!

Do you want to write better, but don’t know where to start? Start with these writing assignments.

Writing Assignments are short, focused writing tasks that can help you build up the skills and “writing muscles” that can make you a better writer.Writing Assignments can help you break through writer’s block and get you moving when you’re not sure what to write about.

“This is an essential resource for anyone who is committed to perfecting the craft of writing.”

– Patrick Rhone, MinimalMac.com

You can purchase Writing Assignments in both eBook and paperback editions. The eBook is available as both ePub (for Apple iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and other compatible eReeders) and in Adobe Acrobat – PDF format.

First Today Press does not use DRM on its eBook formats. Please use your purchases freely on all of your devices, but please buy additional copies as gifts. Please do not share or distribute copies without purchasing them individually.


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