Keeping It Straight

by RTM on May 2, 2011

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We’re pleased announce the latest title from First Today Press. It’s from popular online writer and podcaster Patrick Rhone. This is his first book and it’s called Keeping It Straight.

From the back cover:

Life, living, can be complex. There’s work, family, and that big bucket of everything else. Hectic doesn’t come close to defining the pace of modern life. And yet within this whirlwind it’s often the simple things that bring us the greatest joy — if we could only find them in the clutter of our lives. It may not be necessary to give it all up and live in a cave, but it can sometimes seem like a good idea.

What can you do? Take a moment and think about you, me, and everything else.

Keeping It Straight is Patrick Rhone’s very personal mediation on his own life and experiences. His clear insights identify the jumble and distractions of life today and offer simple and useful advice on how to discover and focus on what really matters. This collection of short essays is filled with clear, direct, and useful observations on productivity, life, and living.

What People Are Saying

Patrick’s writing is like warm butter on dry toast. Each page is full of musings and personal discoveries from Patrick’s life that will make you think about how you’re spending your time and energy, and, more importantly, it will make you think about what priorities are most important in your own life.” – Shawn Blanc

“Fans of David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’ will instantly embrace Patrick Rhone’s work. Patrick offers the “Why” to GTD’s “How.” – Randy Murray

“Patrick is a wonderful writer and many of the thoughts he conveys in this book compel you to put the book down right where you are in order to make some real changes in your life.” – Ben Brooks

Keeping It Straight is a delightful mixture of advice, reflection and exploration that reads like a poem. Patrick’s honest, genuine approach to a variety of topics from happiness to efficiency make this book a joy to read. Highly recommended. – Brett Kelly

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